Speaking and Seminars

Julie Hutton is available for inspirational speaking engagements and seminars.

Speaking topics are customized to fit your time frame and address your specific audience--from executives, business owners, staff and association members to spouses and parents. Presentations offer practical solutions with take-home value that attendees can begin using immediately in their personal and professional lives. Topics include:

  • Now Is Your Time
  • Celebrity Making
  • Everything Is All Right
  • You Are The Gift
  • You Are Amazing

What to Expect from Julie's Speeches and Seminars

Our Commitment to Meeting Planners

This service commitment outlines what you can expect from us in advance, on site, and after the presentation is over. You are encouraged to use this not only as a standard to which to hold us accountable, but for all speakers. Here is what we promise:

To Prepare, We Will:
  • Be available to discuss plans for the speech
  • Know what your organization does and why it does it
  • Know why we are there and have a specific plan to accomplish your goals for the presentation
  • Know the theme of your meeting and relation our presentation to it as appropriate
  • Know why your attendees would be interested in the topic
  • Notify you in advance of our travel itinerary

On-Site, We Will:
  • Notify you upon arrival on site or contact you immediately should any serious delays occur
  • Be accessible to you from the time we arrive until we leave
  • Tell the truth 100 percent of the time
  • Retire early the night before any speech
  • Be reasonable and considerate in use of travel expenses
  • Be available in the meeting room for a sound check
  • Coordinate with set up crew & other presenters to make sure our needs fit your overall needs
  • Stay out of the way until it is time to speak
  • Study your audience and the other speakers to align the message with them
  • Be dressed appropriately
  • Provide an easy, brief introduction and be available to coach the introducer
  • Be in the room and visible before the introduction begins

During The Presentation, We Will:
  • Open the speech with energy and purpose
  • Never us off color language or material
  • Interact constantly with the audience through questions, a show of hands, eye contact and exercises as appropriate
  • Present well-researched information
  • Use stories and humor liberally
  • Use appropriate audio-visuals to enhance the impact of the speech
  • React maturely, good-naturedly and flexibly to any problems that arise
  • Never be rude to an audience member
  • Allow for questions and comments from the audience
  • Relate points to your audience
  • Never turn any speech into an inappropriate sales pitch
  • Only offer our books and tapes if approved or requested in advance
  • Stick to the time limit and adjust if needed

After the Presentation, We Will:
  • Remain after the speech briefly to talk with the audience
  • Check out and depart with minimal effort from you
  • Itemize expenses and bill you promptly after the speech
  • Provide receipts as needed
  • Promptly fill any orders for products
  • Discuss with you strategies to continue the impact of my message with follow up
  • Never disclose any sensitive information about your organization
  • Be willing to accept calls to follow up on the speech from audience members or executives

In Summary: You will receive an exceptionally good presentation delivered in a highly professional manner. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If any program doesn't live up to your expectations, your speaking fee will be refunded.

Inspirational Speaker Fee Schedule

United States & Canada.............$10,000 USD * International...................................$15,000 USD *

  • This speaking fee is inclusive of airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and all other miscellaneous expenses. This fee also includes pre speech interviews so Julie can customize her presentation to meet your goals and objectives of your meeting.
  • Additional savings are available if you select her “Pre-Pay Option.” Ask for more details on this option.

We will make every effort to be accommodating and work within your speaker budget.

Julie Hutton books her engagements 3-24 months in advance.

We also offer volume discounts on Julie Hutton's book, You Are The Gift, to be included in your conference amenity bags to be given to all attendees upon meeting registration.

To get a price quote, please call 425-260-4440 or send an RFQ email to Julie@JulieHutton.com

Julie Hutton

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"I've known and have personally experienced both the success coaching and career betterment services provided by Julie Hutton for more than 2 decades.   Julie possesses an honest, sage-like, personally comforting, teaching and coaching presence, making her superior communication skills to those who utilize her services a substantial value for seeking personal and career betterment.” - Glen Smith, Government Affairs Coordinator

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