Coaching FAQ

Who are you?
Julie Hutton is a cross between a hard-nosed football coach, Socratic teacher, sensitive counselor, enthusiastic cheerleader and a committed business partner. She is committed and passionate about inspiring people to make the changes needed to work and live a life worth living: filled with happiness, freedom and fulfillment. Julie is one of the pioneers of success coaching and has been a coach for over 25 years.

Who are your clients?
I work with people ready to make changes in their lives, and/or to ready go for what they want. My clients are usually successful in many areas of their life, but there might be one or two areas that are not working as well as they’d like. Or they are ready to increase their self-awareness - can you ever be too aware?
  • Clients are mainly professionals, both men and women, normally in the 25 to 50 age range, with a few teenagers sprinkled in.
  • A lot of people want help with relationship issues from fine tuning to making the huge step of a divorce.
  • Some people want to work on the family and education issues especially parents with teenagers.
  • Entrepreneurs and commissioned sales people who understand that ‘the buck stops here’ and are highly independent work on increasing their sales and income.
  • Executives and managers may be ready to make changes in their business or personal life.
  • People dealing with health challenges work with me to apply the concepts of alternative healing and Body-Mind-Spirit to their process.

What does coaching provide?
Coaching helps to:

  • Clarify what really makes you happiest--in your work and in your life
  • Concentrate and focus on your priorities
  • Clear resistances and blockages and open to new possibilities
  • Create the success you desire

Do you have any Specialties?
  • Relationship coaching: Help with issues concerning mates and/or children.
  • Parenting Coaching: Assistance in gaining more peace and harmony in family relationships especially in terms of dealing with teenagers.
  • Alternative Education Coaching: Assessment of learning styles and strengths to help people maximize their learning abilities and strengths.
  • Alternative Healing Coaching: Guidance in facing health challenges for those wanting to integrate alternative healing concepts and a Body-Mind-Spirit orientation into their healing process.
  • Alternative Approach to Addictions Coaching
  • Super Youthening Coaching: A program focused on producing long, healthy and happy lives.
  • Work You Love Coaching: Guidance for those wanting to create/find work they love.
  • Productivity Coaching: Work specifically for Entrepreneurs and Commissioned Sales people who are highly independent and self responsible and want increased sales and income.
  • Transformational Coaching: A program for Executives and managers ready to make changes in their business or personal life .

How long would we work together?
This is different for every client and depends on the scope of the issues they want to address. I simply suggest my clients stay with me as long as they love the coaching and the results!

What methods do you use?
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Ericksonian-style hypnosis
  • Law of Attraction concepts
  • Consciously moving up the emotional scale
  • Sound, movement, metaphor, and music
  • Other techniques are drawn upon as needed 

Where are you located?
I make house calls in the Greater Seattle including the Eastside. I am also available to work with people over the phone.

How do I get started?
Call or email me. Feel free to tell me as much as you like about your situation or reason for wanting a coaching session. First, I’ll review with you if this is an area that I can be of significant benefit to you. If so, we’ll schedule an appointment (in person if you’re in my area or on the phone if you’re in other parts of the world).

What are your fees?
  • $150 per hour for in-person sessions/2 hour minimum
  • Each additional person $75 per hour/2 hr minimum
  • $150 per hour for phone sessions (no minimum required)
  • $200 per hour for business consultations/2 hour minimum
  • Three day private retreats cost $3,000 (plus travel and expenses). I will travel anywhere in the world the client chooses for these retreats.

What can I do if I want to create rapid change or I need quick, long lasting relief from a pressing issue?
A three-day retreat is a completely customized way to put all your focus and energy on bringing quick lasting relief to a current issue, blockage or resistance.

Julie Hutton

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"I've known and have personally experienced both the success coaching and career betterment services provided by Julie Hutton for more than 2 decades.   Julie possesses an honest, sage-like, personally comforting, teaching and coaching presence, making her superior communication skills to those who utilize her services a substantial value for seeking personal and career betterment.” - Glen Smith, Government Affairs Coordinator

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