NEGOTIATION MASTERY TIP Vultures Dignity and Respect


Always treat your counterparts with DIGNITY AND RESPECT.

Be mindful that you may be buying from a financially distressed seller.

Sellers’ equities has been ravaged by this economic downturn (read depression).

I recently researched a property that sold for $499,000 in 2005 and only $415,000 in 2010. This family lost OVER $85,000 (plus selling costs & taxes).

Yes, there are uncaring, greedy vultures out there. But most regular (non-investor) buyers are quite sensitive to the losses of the seller and are sympathetic and compassionate while still wanting to secure a good sale price.

When some people say, “It’s just business,” what they mean is it is an excuse to be greedy, rude, unethical and sometimes just plain mean-spirited.

So… YES, always firmly and persistently go for the best deal for your client while treating your negotiating counterparts with dignity and respect.


Hope this has been helpful!

-Classes authored and taught by Julie Hutton

Continuing Education Instructor and Full Time Broker, WA Real Estate

Warmest, Julie

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