NEGOTIATION MASTERY TIP Getting Past The First Rejection

NEGOTIATION MASTERY Getting Past The First Rejection by JULIE HUTTON

NEGOTIATION TIP One way to neutralize a rejection of an offer

You bring a good offer/counter-offer to the table and their immediate blustery response is, “No way am I going for that price.”

Your response is, as you’re gathering up your papers, putting them back in the folder, preparing to put them back in your carrying case, ‘Okay. I hear you. This is a really good offer based on the comps available to us at this time and the current status of the market. I highly encourage our review of this offer and see what we can make of it.’

They see your ‘actions’. Remember, actions speak louder than words. The instinctual response to draw you back in kicks in and they drop the bluster and start engaging you with meaningful, substantive dialogue—dialogue that you can now work with and begin to mold the next productive step towards a successful conclusion.

Your goal is to just take it one step at a time.
–Julie Hutton
Negotiating Tips from NEGOTIATION MASTERY workshops

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