Real Estate 2011 Outlook–Still just a crap shoot!

Yes, regrettably, the truth is… even the experts are clueless about what will actually happen in our real estate and financial world.

There are too many moving parts and too many variable factors. Even the brightest minds contradict one another and themselves from month to month.

All we can truly report on is the past, historical data. Even what happened yesterday is the past and not a true indicator of what will occur today, let alone six months out.

The experts that put out the Wells Fargo Securities ANNUAL ECONOMIC OUTLOOK 2011* say that this new economic reality ‘demands a new approach to decision-making.’ That we can’t allow ourselves to get trapped in projecting future trends based on tradition historical perspectives because it relies on ‘restrictive assumptions and methods.’ That ‘path dependence (from historical perspectives translates into slower assessment and adaption to the new economic realities.

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Maybe we really are in that space/place of ‘personal economy.’ Meaning—each person’s financial economy is individually created. ‘You make your own wealth or poverty.”

We definitely live in interesting times and we’re all learning to re-create our work and our lives in brand new, more meaningful ways.

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