One-on-one sessions in person and over the phone

Expedite the Healing--Three-day Retreats

Working with Julie you will:
  • Clarify what really makes you happiest--in your work and in your life
  • Concentrate and focus on your priorities
  • Change your restrictive thinking and beliefs into expansive thinking
  • Clear resistances and blockages and open to new possibilities
  • Create the success you desire

Julie specializes in working with ENTREPRENEURS AND BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS who:

  • Want their lives to be more peaceful and balanced
  • Want their work to be more magical, joyful, and satisfying
  • Want all their relationships to be more enjoyable and meaningful

Coaching can make all the difference in YOUR life.

Athletes have coaches—they perform better.
Individuals have fitness trainers—they improve faster.
Professionals have coaches—they create Happy, Fulfilled Lives—lives worth living.
–Julie Hutton, Business & Life Coach

COACHING provides…


$150 per hour for personal sessions/2 hour minimum
        Each additional person $75 per hour/2 hr minimum
$200 per hour for business consultations/2 hour minimum
Three day private retreats cost $3,000 (plus travel and expenses).

Since coaching can be done over the telephone, you can be anywhere in the United States and still work the magic to create your heart’s desires.

Call or e-mail Julie now.

“Let’s chat about what success you want to create for yourself.”